Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is the beginning....

Life changes... all the time (so I've learned). And since life is changing a lot lately at the Shirley household - I figured it was time to start letting people keep up with all the changes.

Two and a half years ago we had the awesome privilege of having Fred's parents (Lee & Irene) move in with us (just 3 months after finding out that we were SURPRISED by a 3rd child on the way). This has been the BIGGEST blessing of my life (having Lee & Irene here) - and I'll never be able to explain all that they have blessed our household with, but I try day by day.

So at the time of their moving in - we had Dad (Fred), Mom (Kelly), Chayse (6 years old), Colton (2 years old), and a friend from Russia - Dasha (who was 17 at the time) living in our 4 bedroom, split entry house in Brooklyn Park that we really liked. At the thought of it soon becoming EIGHT people living in this house - we decided to start believing for a new house. Well, God opened the door for us.

We moved into a beautiful 5 bedroom HUGE house in Brooklyn Park right off of the Edinburgh Golf Course with 4 bedrooms upstairs, a huge main level, and a "mother-in-law" space downstairs with their own kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, 4 season porch and their own washer & dryer. It has been a huge blessing! :)

Well, one month (almost to the day) after we moved in our youngest Connor was born! God knew what He was doing when He sent Connor to us! He's been such a fun addition to our family - the smiling, how smart he is, his laugh - everything!

And now the 8 of us have lived happily this wonderful house since... until today!

Today, Dasha officially moved out on her own (tear) - we're happy for her but I don't think my kids (or Dasha) have fully realized how life will be with her not there (or her stuff in her room). I'm excited for her new step in life (moving out and living with roommates) but we will all miss her greatly!

More of an update to come - just don't want this post to span a couple of pages! With more EXCITING news to come! So don't miss it! :)