Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Boys!!

If you have boys - you know they LOVE to be outdoors... no matter WHAT the weather!

So the kids and I took a Sunday off a couple of days ago (much needed time at home) because we have just been RUNNING lately! And it worked out perfectly because it had just snowed the night before.
Connor went sliding last year - with Momma - and loved it! But I don't think as much as he loved it this year... he went down a few times with his big brother who took care of him (how sweet!).

In case you can't tell which one is which - Colton is in front and Connor is in back... yes, they are pretty much the same size right now!

I love my boys and I love when they are nice brothers and do things together...
God is good!


Jake said...

Fun!! I want to play in the snow..... but there isn't any in sight.

I like your header pic too!

Evan said...

Cute post. I do miss the snow and the fun things you can do in it and with it! I want my kids to experience the fun of sledding!
We are going to Colorado for winter camp this year so I will be able to get my fix!!! :)

ps said...

That brings back so many good memories from when we took the kids sledding in MN. Outside fun in the snow is the only thing that makes it bearable!