Friday, December 12, 2008

I amuse myself...

Okay, I'm known for being a "hyena", a "Wilma" (because I laugh like Betty or Wilma on the Flintstones) or just a plain old GIGGLY GIRL!!
But tonight, my husband got me - so I just had to share:

Me: Explaining that we should start Weight Watchers and then telling him the points difference in our evening snacks (mine 3 pts, his 6-7 pts)
Fred: "Well, I can have that many points because I haven't had any points yet today!" (Meaning - this is the first "points" he's counted today - not that this is all that he's eaten...)
Me: Laughing so hard that I can't breathe, my eyes are watering and Fred "shushing" me and telling me not to wake up the kids.

Yes, I am a dork - but I enjoy life! :) And I enjoy my husband - he makes me laugh!
Now you can all laugh at what a wierdo I am and you probably don't even get what was so funny about what he said... that just makes it all the more funny to me (and yes, I'm still laughing about it!)


OlsonFamily6 said...

wow! he IS a dork :) which makes you two perfect for eachother.

Gwen said...

No, he is the dork - we just love your Wilma laugh. Whatever or whomever gets you too that point. Hey you are going to forever stay young- you are just like a child cuz you laugh at the simple things. That's what life is all about - enjoying life and each other!!!