Monday, January 5, 2009

It has been WAAAAAYYYY too long...

All I can say is - I'm sorry!
My camera, my phone - both filled with a bunch of amazing pictures for some really fun posts... but - they are still there... in my camera and in my phone (hopefully to be posted on here soon).

My problem is two-fold:
1. It was Christmas break and I had kiddos home to wrap presents for, play new games with, feed 4-5 times a day and over all just have fun with them while on break.
2. I have been having wi-fi problems with my computer lately - if I could just post from my phone I'd be GOLDEN... but not yet.

Sooooo.... here's a quick "recap" of the last three weeks of "The Life and Times of the Shirley Family"
  • Kids on 2 week break for Christmas - LOTS of playing outside
  • Fred took the 2 weeks of vacation as well... had some fun dates! :)
  • Christmas - fun, but low-key this year (YEAH!!!)
  • Colton lost his first tooth on the 26th (more pictures to come) - I actually pushed it out, but in my defense, his tooth was pushing underneath and causing him pain.
  • Connor has a new friend - his "shobel" (shovel). Everything he did outside for the last two weeks involved dragging that shovel EVERYWHERE!!!
  • Fred and I went to see Claret (Nyk & Jen Olson's band) at a club downtown (GREAT show and fun to see them perform again) but I got carded for the first time!!! (okay - I got carded once before, but just for an "18 and up" place - this was so I could wear a bracelet all night that said "ok to drink") Kinda wierd... :)
  • Very pleased with the presents the kids got (I helped pick a lot of them out) and the boys got matching pirate ships (which Fred thought I was nuts for buying) but having two of them has been a HUGE lifesaver! :)
  • Really been praying about some stuff for the future lately (like I really haven't before) and I'm excited for what God has in store for us!
Anyway - I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's...

All our love... The Shirley's


Jake said...

If you can email from your phone, you can post from your phone. Did you know that?

Loved your Christmas card.... your family is adorable.

Can't wait to see some of the pics to come, sounds like you guys really had an amazing time off.

Jake said...

...forgot to subscribe to comments...

Trent said...

Glad you're back! Missed looking for your posts everyday! Glad that you had a blessed Christmas! Love you guys!

Evan said...

Ha! That last comment was supposed to be me but I guess Trent hacked on my computer and changed my identity..........I'll have to have a talk with him later!!