Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My son is the funniest ever...

I think my son misses being home with me (after having 2 weeks home for Christmas break)... here was our conversation this morning:

Colton: Mommy, are you going to pick me up from school today?
Mommy: Yes, Mommy will be at work today and so I'll pick you up from school.
Colton: Are you going to have lunch there too?
Mommy: Yes.... why?
Colton: Will you pick me up at lunch? I'll give you a dollar...
Mommy: ...jaw on the floor... laughing my BUTT off!!

I am a good Mommy... I did reassure him that he could make it through the whole day of school and I would pick him up after naptime and he walked away happy.

But man - that dollar could have bought me a desperately needed Diet Coke this morning.... hhhmmmm! :)


Sheena said...

That is so cute! I love kids answers to things!

Evan said...

How cute! The things kids say!!! :) You wonder what goes on in that little mind of theirs!