Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haven't I been here before???

There are so many times in life when I feel like "I've been here before, haven't I?" and my life feels like its going around in circles - I enjoy it - just round and round...
  • Successfully potty training another child
  • Mac & Cheese and Hot Dogs for lunch (again)
  • Vacuuming/Dusting the house (again)
  • ANOTHER spelling test (with the daughter)
  • Teaching another child to "sound out the words - you can do it"
  • Cleaning/purging another child's room (AGAIN) for the 2nd time this month
  • Check the facebook, blogs, twitter, etc
  • It's time for "insert junior high activity here" again - where am I going this time Lord?
I think you get my point...

But in a day, like today, where I stayed home to work today, it started off as very "routine" and I got about as excited as you can get... and then the Lord interrupted it

I was reading/studying to share at church tomorrow night with the Junior Highers and I read something in my devotion/book/devotional e-mail (not sure which one) - that my Father wants time with me (not "okay Lord, here's your 10 minutes") but just time in my day, spending time with me...

Today that time was discovering a new worship song on iTunes that just grabbed my heart and reminded me of how much He loves me... and not because I'm perfect (FAR from it), not because of who I am, for my hubby, my kids, my parents OR my job - just because He likes me (despite all my failures)

All of a sudden - that was it - the day was no longer routine or boring or predictable (although it did go a little like I thought it would - remember, I said I'm NOT perfect) but there was a new sense of enjoyment in it...
  • my sons laugh
  • my other boys smile
  • sharing a book with my boys
  • learning with my girl
  • remembering how much I love to talk with my Grandma (even for a brief 5 minute phone call)
  • paying all my bills (yes, even that was peaceful)
  • thinking of how much I'm glad my husband is in my life
and SO much more, but I don't want to bore you with the details... but all this started from a sweet time of worship (that was MUCH needed!!!)

So what song is stirring your heart today? Today, I needed a good love song for Him to remind myself what I have in Him and with Him.

I'm thankful...

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OlsonFamily6 said...

you forgot

"coming and visiting leslie at work, and taking a break to breathe"

i enjoyed that moment too.

thanks for the reminder of thankfulness. :)