Monday, August 23, 2010

They get so big, so fast...

Our Soccer star (no action shot - sorry!!)

Brothers with their common like - TOY STORY & Legos!!

Connor played Soccer - he's the one in the middle KICKING IT!!

Colton played baseball this Summer - he's #1
Aren't they cute??
Playing like a big boy - first year on the slip-n-slide!
As we're starting the final countdown to school starting (2 weeks!!)I am amazed at how much my kiddos have changed!!
I thought I'd share a few pics with you...


OlsonFamily6 said...

awwwww. so cute! i never realized colton was number one! of course he is. :)

waaaaay too fast of a summer. must find a way to slow down next year.


Shaynah Asher said...

oh my goodness your kids are way too cute! I can't believe Colton plays soccer that it the cutest thing ever! i was laughing so hard at the Toy Story lego thing...augh I hate lego's!!!! Of course they both like them more tiny pieces around the house for you mom! lol. good luck:)

Kimmy said...

They are too cute and getting SO big!!! Your family is precious! :)