Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a day...

It's only 9:39 am as I am typing this - I have been up for almost 3 hours now and SO much has happened... (it seems like to me)

1. Made/ate breakfast with the family...
2. I used my brand new hot pink laundry basket (which was a GREAT motivator to do laundry this morning) to do a couple of loads of laundry.)
3. Kids and I went on a mile walk/run - VERY good for me!! But I wasn't sure how far I had walked/ran so...
4. I decided to take the motorcycle out to see how far I had walked. Tried a couple of times to get it started... VERY unsuccessful.
BUT I had moved it out into the driveway during my attempt to start it and so I needed to move it back into the garage.
When I attempted to do this, I tipped my hubby 1300 VTX (which means it's heavy for my delicate, female frame) over on myself.
THANKFULLY it didn't hit the ground, I did catch it and get it back upright. (Only a small bruise on my left hip to show for it)
Called my hubby to see what I was doing wrong and (of course) it starts up with NO problem. Praise God!!
So now I took it out for a 2 1/2 mile ride (to see how far I had walked) and only stalled on one of my turns (turns have been my downfall - I'm pushing myself to get better) and did fabulous on the other big turn (a u-turn). YEAH!! I even got it up the driveway and into the garage without stalling, only 1 brief pause. :)
5. I decided to clean "Dan" (short for Moondance Alexander) the fish's tank today (which is not my favorite) and here's where I have to explain something...

In Proverbs 18:21 (in the Message translation) it says:
"Words kill, words give life;
they're either poison or fruit—you choose."

Yesterday, I did NOT want to clean the fish tank - it is my LEAST favorite chore in the whole house... so I told the kids (jokingly) that I wanted to kill their fish instead of cleaning his tank. WRONG CHOICE!!
(Its funny though - because when I told them this, Colton said "Oh good - then we can get a dog!!" Is he my son or what??? Always see the positive!!)
So today as I go to clean the tank, I am chasing "Dan" around the tank with the catcher and he is swimming away from he as usual. So I get the bright idea to remove some of the water (which is normal - there are vent holes in the top which easily let water out).
As I proceed to let some water open the lid pops open (on accident) and out falls "Dan" down the drain. And Colton says - "Oh Mom!! Dan came out!!". I set the tank down, squealed and looked down the drain... he was GONE!!
So... a great time to teach my children about the power of their words (even when they are joking).
Yesterday, I joked about killing their fish - today I did...

Let's hope this day improves as we head out to Petco to get another fish!!
I'm so thankful for God's grace - aren't you?? :)


OlsonFamily6 said...

i heard about this in person, but its sooooooooo much funnier in print.

dan. :sigh: he's off to a lonelier fate. welcome gru.

Jake said...

Love the story about Dan. It cracked me up. :)

Great post too. I was able to picture you laying the bike down but making sure not to let it scratch. I doubt Fred would have cared anyways thought, right?