Monday, December 6, 2010

Children are a gift...

Psalm 127:3 "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him."

Now, I TRULY believe that children are a gift - I am so thankful to have three babies born to me (carried to full term with no problems or complications) and what a privilege it is to have them!

But I am reminded in SO many way each and every day - what that word "gift" truly means in each child...

With Chayse - its her telling me yesterday "I love cleaning the house with you Mom! You make it fun!" YEAH!! A child with a heart to clean (it just doesn't always flow out of her in regards to her own room)!!

With Connor - I LOVE his laugh (and I love that he loves to be tickled so I can hear that laugh often)!! He and I are known for just looking at each other and giggling... I love that! (I hope he never loses that!)

With Colton - it is his wit and wisdom (he also gives the BEST bear hugs to any nearby legs!!) but today I have to share with you some of Colton's profound wisdom that he shared with me this morning...

Colton:  Mom, when do I turn 8?
Mom:    Colton! You just turned 7 - its a whole year away!!
Colton:  I know Mom, but what day?
Mom:    November 29th - same as this year... (wondering to myself, what comes next??)
Colton:  You mean, I have my birthday every year on November 29th - the same day - NO WAY! That is too cool!!
Mom:    (Bursts into laughter!!)

See why I know that children are a gift from the Lord - I NEEDED that laughter this morning and maybe you did too!!

Enjoy every moment... they go by way too quickly!

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Kimmy said...

Your kids are all too precious! :) I love the story at the end about Connor, how adorable!