Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new view to Christmas

I found this over at Pete Wilson's blog and it just JUMPED out at me - SO perfect for Christmas!!

I had someone tell me about a Christmas reading plan called Rediscovering The Christmas Season that was available at I checked it out and love it so I thought I would invite you to read along with me. I’ll probably post on it from time to time over the next couple weeks.

I put the first two days of the plan below but I really encourage you to go to and sign up for a free account. It’s a wonderful tool I think you’ll love.

So here we go… I'm on Day 2.

You in?

Dec 1: Luke 2:21-40

Dec 2: Matthew 1

After reading the overview of the plan - it explains Advent a little more (which I have to admit, I've not taken a whole lot of time to understand before). I understand the 1st Advent that happened, and that we're waiting for the 2nd Advent (Jesus coming).
But here's an interesting statement they made on this Christmas reading about Advent (which started yesterday):
"Advent reminds us to look forward to His return every day. This season is about resetting Jesus Christ at the center of our lives."

So there's my goal for the next 25 days - to "reset Jesus Christ at the center of my life". Instead of letting presents, baking, decorations, parties & just general "busyness" be the center - I'm taking time (myself and with my kids) to take a different look at what the first Christmas season looked like.

Consider yourself challenged...

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