Saturday, April 3, 2010

An interesting Easter day...

Okay, I know its not Easter yet, but we celebrated Easter today with my family and friends....

Here's the way it started - 2 handsome boys and a beautiful girl in a pretty skirt (that SHE picked out) that (along with her curly hair) made her look MUCH older than her Momma was ready to see... (but MAN - she did look pretty!!)

We enjoyed a nice lunch with a Mom & Dad, their 3 daughters (and their husbands & husband-to-be), another very special Mother, 3 grandpas, 1 grandma, 8 cousins and a beautiful girl from Russia... it was a FUN crew!!

After all the quiche you could handle, cheesy potatoes, yummy strawberries, cinnamon rolls and WAY too much food we let the kids go outside and find the eggs that the men had so cleverly hid for them...

It was SUCH a lovely time!! :) Seriously - I LOVE family time!

Then we had nap time for the boys - and my boy of VERY special sleeping positions surprised me yet again...

He is sleeping in the bookshelf of his bed in his underwear... what a special boy!

THEN... while the other boy was supposed to be sleeping - he did this instead

Yes, that is a BRAND NEW pack of bubble gum from HIS SISTER'S Easter basket - and in case you didn't know... he SWALLOWS his bubble gum!!
Just in case that wasn't weird enough - after dinner he needed to go #2, which when he did he yelled from the bathroom "Hey Colton, LOOK!! I can pee out of my butt!! How did I do that?" (Sorry to be so gross, but it was TOO FUNNY!!)
It was a great time to point out "This is why we DON'T eat an entire pack of bubble gum!!
Doesn't life just make you laugh sometimes?? :) It does for me!

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OlsonFamily6 said...

OMG! soooooo gross! and soooo naughty! we love connor baby! :)