Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dinner from scratch... a homemakers "dream"

okay, maybe not a "dream come true" - but a WONDERFUL night for me! And yes, I'm going to reveal what a "dork" I really am!

Anyone who knows me (truly) knows that I can cook (sort of) - but honestly, its that I can make a few things well - but I'm not normally too adventurous. But tonight... I was in a "happy homemaker" kind of mood and wanted to make something from scratch for dinner - no "kits", no "shortcuts"... just a "real" dinner. (I've come a LONG WAY from a "nice dinner about 7 years ago being take out from Chili's)

So I got out my cookbook and was going to make pancakes from scratch when I found something even better...

Oven Puff Pancakes with a spiced apple sauce

IT WAS DELICIOUS and satisfying to know that I made it from scratch... just like a good housewife of the days ago would have! :)

Somewhere deep down inside I am a good cook & housewife that can make a few good things! :)

In case you want the recipe - check it out here - except their recipes doesn't have 1/3 cup of raisins that mine did!


suddenfire said...

ohh darlin don't worry you are the bomb! Everyone should know dinner was AWESOME!

OlsonFamily6 said...

you're fired! dinner from scratch and you don't even take pics? what are you, stuck in the 90's . digitize your dinners, puh-leeze!

Sheena said...

Sounds really good! I need to try that sometime!

ps said...

What time is dinner tomorrow night???? We'll be over!

Evan said...

Way to go Kelly! I have been in that mood lately..........maybe it's the fall weather and cool weather that gets me in the mood to cook and bake!