Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No more clothes wars!!

I love my family so much - they just don't even know!!
For Chayse's birthday this year I asked my family to get her some "nice/cool" clothes for church and outings and they did great! (Just to clear things up - Leslie saved Chayse's day by NOT getting her clothes, but her new favorite video instead... otherwise Chayse would have gotten ALL clothes for her birthday - which she said she was okay with, but she was glad that Leslie got her something "fun")
They have no idea how much they made my weekend so peaceful this last weekend because of it...

Let me set this up... lately Chayse and I have many "discussions" about her choice in clothes, shoes, and how she does her hair - I'm not sure how to define her "taste"... but its usually a little too sloppy for what I want. OR she wears the perfect outfit with her riding boots or "skater" tennis shoes!!

But this weekend was H E A V E N ! !
Here's how the weekend went:
  • Friday day (went to the MOA with Israeli friends) SHE picked out a dress that my dad picked out and bought for her (good job Dad!!) and I suggested her footless tights - she even put a ribbon in her hair (which she later took out - but that's okay)
  • Saturday night (church) SHE picked out her new black dress from Melissa and wore her golden shoes with it.
  • Sunday morning (church) SHE picked out her new outfit from Nana - plaid pants, brown shirt, pink sweater and brown ballet flats... again, PERFECT!!
  • Sunday Night (NTHI - church) SHE picked out the brown dress Melissa got her and again wore her footless tights and ASKED ME which shoes to wear with it, I said the golden ones, she agreed and wore it with her HAIR DOWN...
It was like she all of a sudden has taste and wants to look good (like I want her to) - it was amazing! I'm not sure how long this will keep up - but I'm enjoying it while I have it!

Sorry for all the details - but you just HAD to understand how big of a deal this was to me! :)
Thanks family - you are the best!

This is a picture of her at the MOA in the dress my Dad picked out - didn't he do good and doesn't she look SO CUTE! :)

I just love how big my "big girl" is getting! :)

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