Monday, October 20, 2008

The Real Birthday Party!!!

With the busyness of a "typical" weekend at the Shirley household - we (with Chayse's agreement) decided to postpone her birthday dinner to Monday night (tonight) where she gets to pick the meal and have her birthday cake. However, she did choose to have her presents yesterday (on her real birthday) - but I expected that! :)

Here are the attendee's...
Grandpa, Grandma, Fred (Daddy), Kelly (Mommy), Chayse, Connor & Colton....
(I'm the one taking the pictures...)

So what did my girly want... "breakfast for dinner" - her favorite! :)
We had quiche (egg pie w/ ham), banana bread, biscuits, fruit & OJ... she loved it! :)

But the BEST part of the evening... her birthday cake! :)

You can't tell in the picture too well, but I added blue food coloring to the sprinkle cake mix (which made a funky blue colored cake - being that blue is her new favorite color) with pink frosting, candy letters (ooohhh, what a treat), candles & LOTS of sprinkles on top!
She loved it and I'm happy to make my daughter's day! :)


Anonymous said...

How cool! It looks like this was SUCH a fun night! We do that in our family too. We always got to pick what meal we wanted for dinner or a restaurant. What a great tradition!!! :) Happy Birthday Chayse!!!!

Sheena said...

That is so much fun! I love your header picture! Your kids are growing up fast!

Jake said...

You guys are so cool...!!