Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some things never change...

I had to go over to my grandparents (my mom's parents) to help deliver their Angel Food basket - which if you haven't gotten one yet, you totally SHOULD - WHAT A DEAL!! :)

So my kiddos got to hang out for a few minutes with Papa-Boo (as the grandkids call him) and Mom Mom (my grandma).

Growing up, hanging out at my grandparents house (which we used to live less than a mile from them) was always fun. They didn't have the "coolest" toys (okay, actually my grandma did - she used to have 10 or so Cabbage Patch Kids - that were hers, a Teddy Ruxpin, a ton of teddy bears and beautiful dolls - but we weren't always allowed to play with them - only look) she had a bunch of toys that were my mom's when she was younger and "People's" (if you're old enough to remember the originals). But we always had fun...

The highlight of going to Mom Mom's house was climbing the big tree in their front yard... my children had fun doing the same thing this afternoon! :)

Like I said... some things never change! :)
What I enjoyed 20+ years ago (no I'm not that old - I just started young!) my kids still enjoy today!


suddenfire said...

woohoo for climbing trees...and woohoo for doing gwens job, HAHA

But seriously do the Angel Food thing cause you can save a ton o money!

Gwen said...

Hmmm, I was kind of crying at the sweet note and reflection of her childhood memories. Sweet Miss K, however then I read Suddenfires piece. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm - gwen would have to be home to do Gwen's job. Or they could just do it themselves. But Miss K is the best, could be nominated for SUPER MOM of the year -- unlike her mama, but PTL we are NOT in competition. I probably won't get the 'daughter of the year award' EVER!! But when the kids were younger I was a dang good mom to them and a dang good daughter for my parents!!! Today's reality is something different!

suddenfire said...

wow...look at that nana getting down on herself (stop it you silly person) we all do our parts. we are glad to help so you can be gone doing what God has called you to!

we are proud of our nana!