Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My husband is the best...

Do you remember those Espirit bags growing up?

I always wanted one growing up - and was given one by a friend of mine... it was used, but I LOVED it and used it every day! I felt SO COOL!!!

Well, leave it to my husband to make me feel "cool" again... I have been talking about wanting a Juicy purse for a while and have looked at them online, but just could not justify spending the money on myself. Well, my WONDERFUL hubby decided I was worth it and HE was gonna spend the money (that I wouldn't spend on myself) and bought me a Juicy purse for my birthday! :)

Yes, I know it isn't my birthday yet - but that's the other funny part...

Fred had the kids make cards for the presents that he bought so the kids could each give me one and I think he showed them what they were... because as Colton got in the car last night after school here's what I heard:
Colton: "Mommy! We made your birthday card for your present!
Chayse: "Colton! You can't tell!"
Colton: "Yes I can - you're not the boss!" (VERY common statement at our house)
Chayse: "No you can't! Dad said so!"
Colton: "Yes I can, Chayse! Mommy we got you a sweatshirt..." things went silent as he got "the look" from Daddy. :)

Fred didn't trust Colton to not tell any of the other presents AND Fred has never been a good one to keep surprises from me ;) so he let me open all of them last night!
All I can say is - the man did GOOD! :)


OlsonFamily6 said...

awwwww, cute purse!!! :P

Jake said...

Your story of Colton telling makes me laugh!! HAHA!

Funny I completely remember that brand...I thought it said Sprite. You know, the drink?

Sheena said...

I also love your purse! Sounds like Fred did a great job! Happy Birthday on Saturday!
Way to go Fred!

ps said...

Cute story. I remember when Evan told me presents Kevin got me for Christmas. They are so cute at that age!

Anonymous said...

Matthew did the same thing this year to me. Nate had bought me new dishes and Matthew told me on accident! It was quite funny and Nate gave Matthew the same look that I'm sure Fred gave Colton! :)
CUTE PURSE!!! Good job Fred!