Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here I sit in Kansas enjoying a Thanksgiving that's out of the "normal"...
  • There's no snow...
  • We don't need jackets today...
  • I miss Leslie's laughter - but instead I'm listening to my daughter "oooohhh" over my sister-in-law's dogs
  • I'm not hosting! So instead of running around setting the table, making food and staying WAY too busy - I went to the park with my kids, read my book for about an hour and am now catching up on my blogging.
  • I'm surrounded by family of a different sort (than I normally see for holidays) - but we're really enjoying seeing them!
Basically - LOTS of family time which is MUCH needed! :)

I hope you all are surrounded by family, food and lots of love today!


Now that Thanksgiving is coming to a close I just had one more thing to add...
This was really a great day! I miss the "traditions" of my family and friends - but an evening spent with my hubby's family was so wonderful (even if my boys wouldn't sit still except for 10 minutes at a time) having over 20 people gathered in a room eating a dinner prepared by one wonderful lady with the help of her hubby (my husband's brother) and their kids brought back SO many memories of holidays past with my grandparents and extended family (a tradition that my family has stopped due to WAY too many family commitments) it was wonderful (I almost cried).

Growing up we went to BOTH sets of grandparents houses for dinner and lunch on Thanksgiving and Christmas:
  • 2 grandparents, 5 sisters and 5 spouses plus grandchildren on my mom's side (as well as a friendly face or a missionary or two)
  • 2 grandparents (sometimes a GREAT grandparent or two), 5 brothers and 1 sister and 4-5 spouses plus grandchildren on my dad's side
It always turned out to be a VERY long and busy day with WAAAAYYY too much food - but it was family (that's what you did).

So today, I got to relive those memories with different, fun, friendly, family faces around those two tables - and as I sit here with a belly TOO FULL of all that great food... all I can say is I'm thankful (for more than I can ever begin to write) - but thank you Lord today for family.

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