Friday, November 14, 2008

Home cookin strikes again!!

I don't claim to be the best homemaker or cook - but every once in a while I get a "thing" and I just have to make somethin... it struck twice this week!

Homemade ginger snaps (or ginger "softs" as we call them because no one in my house likes them crunchy - they like them soft)... that the Colton-man and I made yesterday.

And today... HOMEMADE (from scratch) Wild Rice Soup!!!

I took this:

(and I didn't add the "dry sherry" in case you can actually read this)
And turned it into this:

It doesn't look the best here - because this is just out of the fridge in the tupperware... it looked MUCH nummier in the pot!

This is my SECOND time making soup from scratch (on Sunday I made a Tomato Bisque that was also NUMMY!!) in my ENTIRE marriage (or life, for that matter) and it feels so empowering!
I'm not sure why - it just makes you feel like a "real" woman to take miscellaneous ingredients in your kitchen and make them into this fantastic tasting meal! :)

Now you all know what a dork I really am - I get excited about making a meal that tastes good and didn't burn to the pan! :)


ps said...

Just wait until you conquer chicken. You will feel like super woman, seriously!

suddenfire said...

ps...she can not handle touching chicken (seriously) she has a hard time touching the stuff! but let me say for the record "both meals where awesome!"

Evan said...

WOW! Way to go! I am the same way. You do feel empowered after making a good, home made meal!!!