Thursday, November 6, 2008

She likes it, she really, really likes it!

If you know me well at all, I'm not always the best at trying new things. I kinda tend to stick to the things I like and that's okay with me.
Like going on dates - dinner, movie, bowling, shopping, church events and that's about it... I'm sad, I know. (But I do enjoy all these things!)
My hubby on the other hand - is TOTALLY into trying new things ALL THE TIME!! Almost to the point of frustrating me because I just want a "normal" meal or a "normal" date... I'm so glad he puts up with me and still takes me anywhere fun!


My sister gave us her tickets she had got to see "Wicked" (the story behind the Wizard of Oz story) because she and Nate had to work and my husband JUMPED at the opportunity!
I, on the other hand, wasn't "excited" about the event (its a musical, you know and it was at the Orpheum - can you say "artsy") - I was just happy for a date night with my hubby. And I still felt this way until after the first song and then I was HOOKED!! (She even had AMAZING seats!)
I'm totally that person that LOVES sequels and prequels because I want to know the whole back story and future of that person and all that surrounds them so this was PERFECT for me!
I grew up LOVING the Wizard of Oz and this was just even cooler (even with most of it being sung) I would TOTALLY go see it again if I had the chance!

So here's to trying new things and YES, I really, really liked it! :)
Thanks Nato & Sessie for the tickets and thank you Fred for always making me try new things! :)

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