Wednesday, September 17, 2008

God is faithful!

So the other day, my hubby's sunglasses (might I add - 3 week old expensive sunglasses) disappear... which is TOTALLY NOT my husband! I think he still has the same pair around that he had when we were dating 14 years ago (not that he still wears them - but he has them... he just doesn't "lose" things)!!

So we agreed that they would be found or returned if they had been "borrowed" by some mysterious person or one of my boys on a "treasure hunt". And we know that God is faithful - just His faithfulness is a little funny to me sometimes... you'll see why.

One of the things I MOST love about my new house is this:

An "in house" vacuuming system... this is all that I have to lug around to all three levels of the house and plug in and its WONDERFUL!!

BUT!!! It's also the job my husband has "claimed" for himself to do each week... yeah for the help, but bummer that I don't get to play with the "cool toy".

Anyways... last week he didn't get the opportunity to do his "weekly chore" so as I'm pondering what I want to do today I feel this "leading" that I should vacuum the house. And I'm thinking to myself... no, that is Fred's "job" and he's off tomorrow and he'll do it then. But still this nagging thought of, "no, I should do it today". SOOO I get going and start vacuuming the house.

All is going well and working up a good sweat - when I come to vacuum my room and again, that "leading" of "vacuum under the bed"... I normally do this in my big "monthly cleaning" so its really not necessary today, but again - that leading. So I do. Which was actually VERY easy with this new system!! :)

As I do, I bump a couple of things under the bed (other than boxes which are waiting until its colder outside to finish unpacking) so I look under the bed to see what I "bumped" and look at this:

Here's a better view....

In case you couldn't tell from the picture above... that's MY HUBBY'S SUNGLASSES and a book from our pre-bedtime book time (which you can read more about here) from the other night.

Like I said - God is faithful... just the figuring out of just HOW faithful He is can be a funny experience sometimes.

I can't tell you how many times we searched all around the bedroom the other day looking for his sunglasses and it wasn't until I was obedient to that "leading" to vacuum and then again to vacuum under the bed that I really understood what He was showing me in my obedience quest... I love God's personality :)

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