Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School has officially begun...

Today is Chayse's first day of school... last night we went and talked with her teacher (whom she loves) and this year (as a big 3rd grader) she gets a LOCKER!!!
which, as you can see, she is pretty excited about! She also loves the fact that some of her "friends" (really my friends) used to have the same teacher!!
So today, I got her all dressed up, did her hair, made a lunch (at 7:15 am - that's a change), packed her bag and got her ready for school... my little girlie!
THEN - her father took her off on his silver horse to school and probably messed up her pretty hair - but that's okay... the smile on her face is worth it.

so... no I may not have the "perfect-looking" little girl on the first day of school - but I know my girlie is happy! :) Her mom may be a little sad at how quiet the house is right now... but I know I'm sure going to enjoy that in about 4 hours when it's NAP TIME and I'll actually get some work done! YAHOO!!


suddenfire said...

she did have a fun ride...did her usual and sing the whole time or talk to herself!

man I look fat in that jacket...but the bike makes me look fast!

Anonymous said...

She's getting so big! I remember when she was born! I was at my soccer game (10th grade) and after the game mom said, "Kelly had her baby!" I remember how excited I was! Now look. She is in 3RD GRADE!!!