Monday, September 29, 2008

We played a little "hooky" - well, not really

Okay, on Friday we did - but I'm refusing to call it that!
Truthfully - Chayse was up Thursday night coughing quite a bit and Colton had a bit of a hard day on Thursday (the only one so far this year - yeah!) so we decided that with our busy lifestyle the kids needed a whole day off (not a Saturday when we have to leave for church at 3 - but the WHOLE DAY off!) - so we all played hooky!

Here was the highlight of the kids' day (well, the 2nd highlight - the first one I didn't get pictures of, but Daddy made GREAT pancakes for breakfast):

Eating grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup (Cars shaped) and pickles while watching new episodes (new to them) of the Backyardigans! :)
Chayse & Colton actually SHARED A CHAIR to accomplish this feat! That's a moment to treasure!

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Jake said...

That is very special.
Funny that you guys played hooky, because I did the same thing on Friday! JJ wasn't feeling too hot, so I stayed home with him, like you guys did. Looks like it was a nice little restful day.