Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay, I'll be "tagged it"...

I was tagged by Susan on her blog (prayer journal), rules as follows: I have to write 6 random things about myself. Then at the end of my entry I have to tag 6 people who HAVE to also do what I am about to do (random write). My 6 random things are…

  1. As girlie as I try to be sometimes - I am still quite the tomboy at heart... I love to play outside, wear jeans and a T-shirt and just have fun!
  2. I want to go to Israel someday (before we leave earth) just to see where Jesus walked.
  3. At a "get-together" I'm much more apt to go and talk to any young people there (junior highers especially) over talking to adults. Bad habit - working to change it...
  4. I was always nervous to have a boy (and in fact, was quite okay with just having Chayse for a long time) - but now I can't imagine my life without my boys! :) Their hair is MUCH easier to do! And, despite what people say, they are SO MUCH FUN to dress!
  5. I have tried to do a blog MANY TIMES since Chayse was born (that was 9 years ago!) but this time I'm actually succeeding (so far). I think that's because of Facebook! :)
  6. I really want to make a quilt someday! :)

I am now tagging… Melissa, Evan, (I would tag Leslie - but she doesn't have a blog) Fred (even though Susan already did), Jen House (if she ever reads this), and that's all the people that I know who blog (right now) - sorry!

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