Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love my boys...

Before you freak out on me - I do love my girl also, but this post is dedicated to how much I love my boys!

Now understand, I grew up in a house of plenty of girls (not as many as my mom - she had 4 sisters) but I had two sister and my mom around - let's just say the estrogen count outnumbered the testosterone count any day (no matter how many boyfriends we had around) so to now be in a house where the boys outnumber the girls is always filled with so many fun boy moments. So I thought I'd share some...

My 1st boy who would literally LIVE in his "flootball shirt" and his "army shorts" - but can throw a football like a pro (4 year old - but still a pro!)

My music boy (who first of all follows his
big brother and daddy everywhere) was at church last night about 2 hours BEFORE he could go to "class" - but did he complain? No, he just took off his shoes and socks and decided to dance on the stage during band practice (there he is following Daddy's lead and watching the drummer)!!

Like I said - I love my daughter! She is the best!

But MAN, my boys are a hoot! :)

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