Monday, September 22, 2008

Sometimes a boy just wants his momma...

I think my son is still in the "adjustment" phase of my other two kids going back to school (either that or I ran errands too long today and COMPLETELY wore him out??).

Today, after running a few errands, it was time to come home and take a nap...

I laid him down and about 5 minutes later I heard this whining (which is usually a Connor thing for "I don't want to sleep") but then it turned into crying... which was strange? I didn't hear any "thumps"?? So I go in there to see what's wrong and he has tears and everything and he wants to sleep on his sissy's bed - of which I told him "no". Then he wanted to sleep on his floor, so I said "okay" but then he said something to the effect of "no momma, you"... which I didn't totally understand.

So I took a brave step - "do you want to sleep in Mommy's room?". "Yes." and he picked up his things and climbed up on my bed and promptly fell asleep with NO CRYING.

Like I said - not sure if I just wore him out or if he just missed the other two being around... either way - he's still cute! Who can resist a cute boy in a diaper!!!

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