Friday, September 5, 2008

The next 1st day of school

Now it's Colton's turn! His first day of preschool (for this year) that he gets to go to EVERYDAY!! He's so excited! And he was excited that he got a different teacher than Chayse had when she was in preschool - hey, it's cool to be different when you're the 2nd child.
Posing for mom before we left the house
He wanted to pretend he was shy... but he's still cute!
Then his puppy had to check out Colton's cot for naptime and make sure it was ready. So Colton decided that puppy needed to take a nap - so he had to snuggle him for nappy-time (that's what Colton calls it)

And lastly, he went into his class, hugged his teacher and then found his "spot" at the tables - complete with his own name tag (to wear and one on the table) "Look Mom, I found my name!"
I think I'm going to miss him today... but I have Connor to keep me busy so far!

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